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Reviews from Collectors

Renee Hawkins, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Truly - the painting is like our sunset view without being cliché'.  Mission accomplished, continued gratitude.

Deborah Farmanian, New York, New York

"LOVE" We are the official Belinda Hillhouse largest private collectors! 

David Clement, Denver, Colorado

"It's beautiful!  Thank you so much, I love it!" 

Magui Hurt, Katy, Texas

"We were instantly drawn to "Under The Tuscan Moon" at Belinda's first art show.  In fact, we even beat someone to the punch and purchased it first!  The design and colors is something we've never seen before and knew it would compliment our new home perfectly."

Stacey Benton, Houston, Texas

"When I saw "Silver Town" I had to have it.  I am a horse lover and huge fan of the Kentucky Derby so I was very excited when Belinda shared the background with me.  "Silver Town" is calming and soothing and warms my heart."

Donna Lewis, Houston, Texas

"I love my painting, turquoise being my favorite color.  It completes the decor and makes me happy when I look at it!"

Kimberly Bayley, Houston, Texas

"Dreamy; Masterful build-up of color; Composition of energy that keeps the eye moving; Cosmic"

Magui Hurt, Katy, Texas

"My first impression of "Tickled Pink" for our nursery was WOW!  The colors, texture and design is exactly what I wanted.  This piece is so beautifully done and something our baby girl will keep forever.  

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